Roland Gloria - Evangelist

Pastor of the Hard Rock Church

On December 25, 1989, after living a life of drugs, sex and leading his secular rock band Magnum Opus; God called Roland Gloria Jr., and he responded by surrendering his life to Jesus Christ.

In June of 1993, Roland began Axiom, a Christian rock band that would end up spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ all over Texas through music and the spoken word. After 13 years, several albums and music videos later, God would bring Axiom to a halt in order to begin a new chapter in Roland's life.

In December of 2006, Roland began to pioneer the Hard Rock Church after serving 10 years at My Friends House Christian Fellowship where he was ordained as the Singles Pastor in 2002 by Pastor Albert Belton, Pastor Tyrone Christian and Professor Van Gill of International Bible College.

Pastor Roland has been married to the love of his life, Lady Elizabeth Gloria since October 2006 and together have a daughter named Sarah. In addition, Roland continues his education through the Masters University online. While with the Hard Rock Church Roland has been active with the church praise team. Finally, in 2018 Roland has announced that he would launch a new group: the Roland Gloria Band.

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