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Interested in booking an ACA artist? Its easier than you think. Simply fill out our questionnaire to the left and we'll be in touch ASAP.

NOTE: Read this brief statement below first.

As you may know there are many steps involved when producing an event. ACA wants to assist you in everyway possible to make your event a complete success. Please consider the following when planning your event.

1. The ARTIST. Our artists will require some basics expenses covered by you, Buyer. These expenses are, but are not limited too: (a) transportation cost such as trailer or *vehicle rental depending on distance, (b) travel expenses such as fuel and food, (c) overnight accommodations, (d) artist payment. ACA will weigh these items with you to determine the most financially feasible version  of this equation.

2. The VENUE. The venue must be able to accommodate the needs of the artist and audience. Therefore the stage size and ease of access, the sound and lighting system must all be provided and consummate to the size of the venue. Upon receiving this questionnaire from you, we will email you a basic contract rider with the specifics.

NOTE: If you require Artist to bring Sound, Lighting and Staging or any combination thereof please make mention of it on the last line item of your questionnaire. SHALOM!

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