Roland Gloria Ministries

Rightly dividing the word of truth precept upon precept


Roland Gloria is from San Antonio, TX. He was drawn by God as a child but didn't take his first step until December 25, 1989 when he made his confession for Christ in the front yard of his parents home with his sister Brenda and friend Michael present. in 1993 he took the next step in founding Axiom Music Ministries which was a musical group that would perform and take the gospel anywhere. In 1995 Roland began attending My Friends House Christian Fellowship, in 2002 he was ordained there by Pastor Albert Belton, Pastor Tyrone Christian, Professor Van Gill and a church full of witnesses. In 2005 Roland began serving at the Hard Rock Church, now after 16 years, he and his is family serve at Woodlawn Hills Baptist Church. Roland has been married to his wife Elizabeth since 2008 and enjoy Gods gift, their daughter Sarah in 2006. Roland is a reformed gospel preacher, happy husband and blessed father.

View of God

Very simply put one either has a high view of God or a low view of God. That can be determined by examining ones self and looking at the time you spend with God or other things. What captures your interest the most? Do you spend a lot of time watching television, your cell phone, video games, etcetera? Or does God hold your main interest? Having a high view of God means He is the most important of all things in your life. I believe in a high view of God even as a sinner who is in constant need of the Savior, I find myself His dependent.